Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Photos

Last Friday night the boys and Daddy camped out in the backyard. They roasted hotdogs by the fire, made smores, and sat outside looking at stars. Then, they tucked themselves snuggly inside the tent...until Thomas woke up screaming and cold at 3:30. He came inside and went happily to his own bed, while the rest of the boys finished their night camping.

Daddy showing the boys the fire.

Jonathan helping Daddy roast the hot dogs.

True Happiness

David and Thomas enjoying dinner and snack food.

How the water fight started

This is for Daddy

David enjoying a chocolate chip cookie.

The boys excited about sleeping in tent


Kimberly said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of fun! But I'm wondering where that tent came from? I didn't even know they made tents like that anymore! I thought EVERYONE had dome tents these days. I wonder if they would have stayed warmer in a dome tent?

Jessica said...

You guys are such good parents!! What fun those boys must have had!!