Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Photos: Guitar Hero

This past weekend, we went to Washington to visit friends. We stayed with some great friends - the McCoy family. We enjoyed their company, laughed a lot and played a lot of Wii Guitar Hero. Here are a few rockin' pictures.

Seth and Jane Anne - Seth looks confident. I look unsure of the crazy man in my band.

Kim and Jane Anne - Kim clearly rocks more than me!

Seth and Keith - These boys rock the house!

Seth went crazy with Guitar Hero. He cracked everyone up and he was totally addicted to the game. It was so much fun watching him play. Can you see how much fun he was having!?

Elisabeth wanted to try it out.

She realizes I am watching her in this photo.

Seth showing David how to rock.


Kimberly said...

not only do I rock but i do it in my pjs!!!! and that last pic of Seth and David just blows me away. it's freaky how much they look alike!

Carmom said...

Matt's brother gave us Rock Band for Christmas. I guess we'll have to post pictures of the whole crew playing in our very own rock band.

We loved your pictures and the video on FB.

Shirley Casey said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I still haven't played guitar hero! I am determined to do it sometime. :O) People say it is addicting though....

leigh ann said...

You look like you were made for that, JA! :)