Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fiddle-De-Dee David

Our elementary school is hosting an artist in residence program. Kelly Thibodeaux, a violinist and member of the Lane County Arts Council, is doing a 3 week program at the school. The program began with an assembly on January 5th. The students were introduced to violin music at the assembly. Then, each child receives instrumental instruction in classes during the 3 weeks. At the end of the program, parents are invited to the final classes to watch the students perform.

David had his final class and performance for parents today. It was fun to watch a group of Kindergarteners play fiddles. David had a fantastic time and his Momma was really proud of him.

Now, I am looking forward to Jonathan's performance. He starts his lessons tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Jane Anne---
I always love hearing about kids being introduced to instruments IN school! (and not having to find instruction elsewhere) What a wonderful experience for them! Definitely brings back lots of memories :)
Hope all's well with you and your family!