Sunday, March 07, 2010

Elisabeth loves Bubbles

My sweet girl loves bubbles. She calls so many things "bubbles".

Polka dots are bubbles. She prefers to wear "bubbles" everyday. It's really hard to find something with polka dots for her to wear EVERY day. She is happy if she has her bubbles on.

Check out the outfit she wore to bed the other night.

Balls can also be considered bubbles. For example, she asks for "Bubble" cereal. (Okay, yes, sometimes she eats sugary cereal. It's true.) She loves it when she gets Captain Crunch with Berries. That's Bubble Cereal.

She gets so excited about bubbles. I am really ready for sunny weather. We sure are going to have fun blowing bubbles.

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Anonymous said...

They are looking SO grown up!!!! What cuties!!
Miss you guys :)