Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love to an 8 year old

Allow me to relay my latest Truck Talk with my 8 (almost 9) year old.

Me: Jonnie, I love you.
Jonnie: Ok
Me: Hey! You don't say 'Ok' when someone says they love you! Well, unless its a girl and you don't really love her. You might like kissing her, or talking to her, or hanging out with her, but you don't love her. In that case you have to find something else to say.
Jonnie: ...(blank stare)
Me: you know, like... 'I like you a lot', or 'We sure have a lot of fun together', or ... ummm...
Jonnie: Or you run away screaming?
Me: Yeah, thats probably a good option.


Carmom said...

LOL!! I love reading about your talks with your boys. It's always so much fun to read what they are thinking.

RLR said...


AJ said...

LOL that sounds like him.