Saturday, April 09, 2011

Track Star

David completed the track program this month at school. The kids can walk or run the track during recess. They get punches on a track card for each lap completed. Each track card has 25 punches. There are 7 track cards. That's 175 laps! I should know, but I don't remember, how many miles it equals. For each completed track card, a small foot is added to a chain necklace. If you finish the program, you earn your the big foot for your necklace.

David was super excited about earning his "big foot" and I am super proud of him for accomplishing his goal.

Here is at the assembly getting his award:

This picture shows how excited he was:

Here's his beautiful smile:

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Mimi said...

What a great accomplishment. I love that the school encouraged them to move all winter.

Hugs & love,