Friday, April 01, 2011

2 Awards, 1 Super Happy Jonathan

The kids had an awards assembly today at school. Jonathan received two awards.

His first award was for participating in the Regional Battle of the Books competition. This was the first year a team from our school has participated. He did a fantastic job.

Getting the Battle of the Books Certificate:

His second award was for being the March Student of the month. Jonathan looks forward to getting this award every year. This year, it was getting harder and harder for him not to get it each month.

He was really happy to get the certificate today:

Getting his Student of the Month picture taken:
Today was hat day at school. (As part of a fundraiser, the kids could pay 50 cents to wear a hat.) Jonathan didn't say anything to me but I know he is thrilled to be wearing his Ducks hat in his picture.

Getting a high five from his teacher:

I decided to treat him for his awards. I offered to pick up a treat after school, suggesting special kid treats like milkshakes or slurpees. Jonathan asked if I could buy watermelon. Oh, how I love that boy. Since it's too early for watermelon, we opted for cantaloupe.

I am proud of Jonathan for working hard at school. This has been a great year for him.


Peter Santucci said...

Way to go, Jonathan! Great job reading. And I love your choice of headwear!

Anonymous said...

What a proud moment for momma and son :) Thanks for sharing! I love the "treat" part, too!! We do very simple "treats" around here, too, and it's amazing how special it is :)