Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School Highlights 9/21

School highlights for my boys today:

Thomas was told he should be a chef when he grows up.
During lunch, Thomas was adding pretzels to his brownie when a cub scout leader (the leader was handing out cub scout stickers) said he liked it. Thomas said, "Wait, I don't have the raisins, yet." He added raisins for a delightful dessert.

David got to move seats in his class.
He had to put his head down for five minutes at the beginning of recess. He had been laughing a lot because another kid was really funny. He said, "My teacher thought I was goofing off but the other kid was just really funny." He "got to" move seats because after his 5 minute time out, he told the teacher the other kid was bothering him.

Jonathan was asked if he would feel comfortable being in the independent, novel reading group.
And now all is right in his world.

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sharon said...

I love that they have an independent novel reading group. How cool is that? I want to go back to school! Please share the novels he is asked to read (or does he choose his own?).