Monday, January 23, 2012

David and Thomas Basketball, Game 1

David and Thomas had their first basketball game today. The first game of the season. Their first game ever.

Their age group is K-2nd. Their team name is The Pack.

It was precious.
It was exciting.
They had a blast.

Thomas throwing in the ball.

The boys cheering on their team when they were sitting out a quarter.

David playing defense.

The final score. The Pack wins with 6 points. David scored 2 of the points.

Game high points:
David scored.
Thomas ran over to Momma at halftime and said, "I like basketball. I love it!"

David and Thomas after the game. What athletes!


sharon said...

Sounds like Thomas had a change of heart! Cute!

emily wierenga said...

oh so fun! you have adorable kids, friend. thank you being so encouraging on my latest post... what a blessing you are. e.