Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Year's Eve Doughnuts for the Nuts

On New Year's Eve, we let the kids stay up until midnight - yep, we are nuts!

Only 3 of them made it. First, we went to Safeway and let them pick out candy and drinks. We returned home to play The Doughnut Game, watch a movie, and watch the ball drop. It was a great night of family fun. My favorite part of the night was The Doughnut Game.

The Doughnut Game
We adapted this game to fit our family. The first time we played it, years ago, it was played with two people holding a string strung with doughnuts. Each player stood and took turns biting a doughnut. The winner was the person that stopped with the smallest piece of doughnut left hanging on the string.

For our game, we hung doughnuts individually, at different lengths.

The kids:

It was silly.

It was intense.

In the end, the boys could not stop themselves from eating the doughnuts. Elisabeth was most patient and won.

The Adults

We had to play. We laughed a lot. The kids thought it was fantastic.

He was really confident he had won.

It wasn't over yet.

You wouldn't think he would take another bite.

He did.
His doughnut fell off the string. I was really happy.
(That picture was a little nasally, so I covered it with words... I was really happy.)

GIRL victory; GREAT time had by all.

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Honey said...

Y'all are too cute! And so much fun!