Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Elisabeth is the Best

Last night after I told Jonathan that Elisabeth was 4 months old he wanted to hold her. He sat on the couch for a long time holding her, smiling at her and talking to her. When he was done he made up a song for her. When he was getting ready for bed he told me that I should get some paper and write it down. Of course, I had already been working hard to commit his lyrics to memory. I went and got the digital camera and said we could video him singing his song for Elisabeth. I started the video and then stopped it and asked Jonathan what he was singing. It was different than before. He said that he was making up a new song for her.

Here are the words to the 1st song:
Rock-a-bye little princess.
Elisabeth, is the best
Rock-a-bye little princess.
Elisabeth is better than an angel.
Rock-a-bye little princess.
Elisabeth is better than anything else.

The 2nd song totally cracks me up. Jonathan sings that Elisabeth is better than Iraq and better than the Iraq war. She is better than Daddy working late and better than Daddy coming home early. There is more to it but I think you can understand the rest of the words.
Here is the 2nd song:

By the way- I tried to imagine what prompted him to say something about Iraq. When he was composing the first song he said something about Elisabeth being better than when the good guys beat the bad guys. I imagine that is where the war idea came from. Too funny, huh? Our sweet, sweet baby girl is better than the Iraq war!


John & Carrie said...

This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing!

Vollmer Family said...

That is SO priceless and special! What a good big brother!

Emily Anne said...

Once again... Laughing out loud!!! Too sweet! ~Shirley