Saturday, March 08, 2008

What will the Boys think of Next?


[Momma] "David! Don't hit him."
[David] "I DIDN'T hit him. I PUNCHED him."


[Jonathan] "Momma, when are your boobs going to get smaller?
[Momma] "What?"
[Jonathan] "When are your boobs going to get back to the normal size?
[Momma] "What do you mean 'normal size'? Boobs can be all different sizes. Some are smaller and some are bigger. (Thinking: Am I really saying this?)
[Jonathan] "Well, when are your boobs going to get smaller?


Anonymous said...

Has he forgotten about Batman boobies?

I still remember when he used the word boobies and Noelle didn't know what that meant. Am I remembering that story right? I think it had something to do with a Barbie.

John & Carrie said...

That is hilarious!!!! Thanks for a good laugh!

Kimberly said...

Or did it have something to do with Ariel's boobie covers?

Emily Anne said...

Your boys CRAAAAACK me up!!! If I remember correctly there has been several conversations centered around mommy's boobs... :O) Too funny! Hope you are doing well. Miss you guys lots! ~Shirley

Anonymous said...

That's right Kim, it was boobie covers. And Noelle said, "what are boobies?"

Melissa Guay said...

Seriously, you all have more conversations about boobies than in my house with girls!! Too too funny!!!!!!!!!! :)

Kristen said...

Not a boob man, eh?