Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Photos: Marble Painting

Our art project this week was marble painting. The boys loved it! It was loads of fun and had minimal clean-up.

Jonathan marble painting:

Thomas marble painting:

David marble painting:

The finished artwork:


Barnes Yard said...

They look great!

aj said...

That is a really great idea! :) And Happy Birthday Miss Elisabeth!

Mother Letter said...

Beautiful kids and projects.

Speaking of projects, I am trying to put together a Christmas project for my wife am looking for voices. I am trying to collect a compilation of letters from mothers to mothers. I have titled it the Mother Letter project. I am gathering submissions in various ways, including a blogspot that is newly opened.

AutumnFawn said...

Super idea!! I love the easy clean up art projects. I will have to incorporate this into my home school schedule soon!!