Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween Pictures: Part 3

Trick or Treating: The boys were very excited about Trick or Treating. We had 3 superheroes and one fairy.

The Trick or Treaters:

The Superheroes:

One adorable fairy:

The fairy in full costume (This picture was taken on a different day when she was trying on the costume. On Halloween she did not want to have anything on her head!):

Spiderman loved handing out candy:

The back of the fairy's costume:

Elisabeth was given a stuffed animal by one very thoughtful neighbor. So sweet!

Who needs to fly when you can crawl fast?:

One wiped out Superman:

I wrote about our Trick or Treating experience on my other blog. Check it out: Trick or Treating


Kimberly said...

adorable pictures - adorable fairy - adorable superheroes!!!

AJ said...

Superman's pose in that one picture is just classic! All very cute and adorable!! :)