Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Photos

We had a wonderful Christmas. I thought I would post few pictures. I thought I could pick just a few favorites. That's what I did but there are still a bunch. Enjoy!

Jonathan and his new guitar

Thomas and his new skates

David and his new scooter

DS Joy

Thomas was so excited on Christmas morning that he would roar when he got something he really wanted. (To fully appreciate this photo, click on it and see it full-sized. Check out that face and the power fists!)

The boys all got bean bags with their names on them. (David's face almost looks like Thomas's in the previous picture but David was posing and Thomas was not.)

Elsie got a chair. She loved it and did not want to get out of it to open presents!

Elsie opening her stocking.

I love this picture because it shows a little of Elisabeth's attitude.

Jonathan sat on his bean bag and played his new DS games a lot on Christmas. This was Momma interrupting him and giving him some love.

Momma feeding Elsie some Christmas cookies.

Daddy playing his new Nerf Wii game.

Momma and Elisabeth

Elisabeth in her Christmas dress


Jessica said...

Those are adorable! The one of Thomas is classic!!

aj said...

OH JJ. Seeing these pics it totally reminds me of my nieces. Emma also got a guitar for Christmas! She's Jonathan's age; of course, hers is PINK. And Addie? Same as Thomas. She squealed and giggled and threw her head back with every really great present. A little different than a boy's reaction but the same for the age...I bet Elisabeth will do the squeals. Addie entertained everyone! :) And oh, I can totally see a little of Elsie's attitude in that one pic. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

We had the exact same experience the Christmas that Natalie was almost 1 1/2 and got a little chair. She sat in it and wouldn't get out for anything. It was precious. I love how your precious moments make me recall my precious memories.

amanda said...

super cute pics!! love the wii. :0)

Andrea said...

Aw, what a happy christmas!

Pam said...

Darling pictures of everyone. Love the chair and Elisabeth's sweet dolly. Did you make Elsie's Christmas dress? That is totally precious!

Anonymous said...

My favorite picture is of Elsie in the pink chair, like a princess, and not wanting to leave it for presents. SO darling.