Tuesday, December 09, 2008


This afternoon I got a call from Jonathan's school. He was in the health room. I was told he was on the playground and him and another boy banged heads together. He got hit right on the cheekbone. His glasses scratched his cheek. The impact was pretty hard. They put a band aid on him and he was okay to go back to class.

I picked him up from school and I treated him to an Icee. Then, we stopped by his optometrist to get his glasses adjusted.

When we got home, I got his story. Him and two of his friends were walking around on the playground and another group of kids came up and pushed one of the boys. One boy fell into another boy who fell into Jonathan. (Sounds like good ole' fashion bullying to me. He said they weren't picking on him. Hmmmm...)

As soon as we got home, I tried to take a few pictures. He was not thrilled about getting his picture taken. It doesn't look like the cut is a bad one (but I guess I will know for sure when I take the band aid off. He is not thrilled that I am going to take it off.) His cheek is very sore. I wonder if he will have bruising.

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Jessica said...

OH no! Poor little guy! I hope he doesn't bruise!!