Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Snapshots: Preschool Christmas Program

David's Preschool Christmas program was on Friday night. He did a fabulous job! He sang all of his songs and did the hand motions. He was very excited and loved being the center of his family's attention.

We got there early to get a good seat. To keep the boys entertained, we brought Magna-doodles.

Here's Thomas smiling.

The kids paraded in and then found their places on stage. Here's David as he was walking in.

David singing. (The lights were down low for the program so my digital photos didn't turn out that great. I took several with my 35mm camera. I hope they turned out a bit better.)

After the kids performed, there was a slide show of the kids at preschool. Here is David as he was coming back to his seat.

After the program, there was a reception. Once I got Elsie out of the stroller, I spent time walking her around. This isn't the greatest shot but you get a good idea of what she likes to do.

David and his proud Momma

David and his first love (she has no idea)

Thomas loved the reception. He did not want to leave. Here is Daddy telling him that it is time to go.


Kimberly said...

great photo's!!!! loved being able to see some of David's Christmas program. and his little lady love is quite adorable. my what a couple they make!!! =)
why was I not surprised to see the last picture of Thomas?

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Jane Anne! I just giggled at the last one. Too cute :) I think you should have brought a Magna Doodle for Seth, too???? hehe


AutumnFawn said...

Thanks for your comment on my Comfort Zone Issues post. It is hard adjusting to the changes going on with our family, but I truly know we will survive. I believe it is just part of the process God is using to refine me. Not fun, but needed. I like trying to be as honest as possible in my posts while using a bit of "tongue and cheek" humor, sarcasm, whatever you want to call it. Helps me deal with reality, I guess!! Blessings to you!!

Davisix said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you did. :) You sure have a beautiful family. Have a great day! Ang

Andrea said...

He has your smile! You have a beautiful family.