Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hook, Line, and Sinking

This morning Jonathan went fishing with his cub scout pack. Seth and Daddo went with him. He got closer to the fish than he planned.

Jonathan and Daddo before the fishing started.

Jonathan found a good rock to sit on.

Jonathan found he could comfortably stand on the rock and fish.

This is Jonathan after he fell in the water.

Notice the runoff from his pants and shoes. That's some cold water!

This determined boy tried to smile for the picture and went on to fish for another 30minutes.

Here's one freezing Jonathan trying to get warm in the truck.


Rachel said...

Aww! poor kiddo! I hate to be freezing! Looks like he was a good sport and tried for as long as he could!

Great pictures and captions!

Femin Susan said...

great pic and captions.Sorry for kiddo.