Saturday, May 02, 2009

In the Fast Lane

On April 25th, Jonathan participated in a pinewood derby race with his cub scout den. He had a blast this year working on his car. Last year we bought a pre-cut car and did minimal work to it. This year he took the block of wood given to him at cub scouts and created his own car. He had use of some handy tools when we visited some friends in Washington (Thanks Keith!).

Jonathan was thrilled to win 2nd place in his den. He is set to race in the District race this coming weekend.

Jonathan and his friend Tyler before the races started
Jonathan's car (on the right) ready to race

Jonathan's car winning a race

Jonathan watching the race his car lost

The trophy table

Jonathan receiving his trophy

Jonathan posing for Momma

Jonathan and Daddo

Jonathan and Daddy

Jonathan and Momma

The race was even more special because Daddo was able to watch him. Daddo raced in a Pinewood Derby years ago. It was neat for them to share the experience.

Here's a picture of Daddo's car.

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Kimberly said...

AWESOME JOB JONATHAN!!!!! (and Keith and Seth!) ;-D