Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Overheard at the Owen House

Tonight we all went to David's preschool graduation. After the kids were in bed, this conversation took place.

Jane Anne: "I don't know if you get it or not - but things like Preschool graduation - they are a big deal to moms. Every minute of tonight was special to me."

Seth: "Ya, you're right, I don't get it."


RLR said...

Too funny!

cbogie said...

Seth is such a guy! I remember when Hannah went to kindergarten from preschool - in the same building - and I got teary!

Seth said...

In my defense... Wait. there's no reason to defend myself. BUT... I was in the middle of reeling in a 27 lb Muskie playing Rapala Fishing Tournament on the Wii while this conversation took place. I could have mustered a liitle more empathy if I didn't have my attention split 95% to the Wii and 5% to my wife.

Will this comment be used against me in court some day?

Amy Jo said...

Yes Seth, it probably will. :)

aerotatt said...

I'll defend Seth a little bit here. (even if he doesn't agree with all of my comments). High school graduation and College graduation are events to celebrate. it seems to me that a lot of the events are just more ways to celebrate mediocrity. I understand that these things are important to my wife, but i do not, and never will, understand why.