Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soccer Sludge Practice

He said it was the best practice ever.

I am so glad he wore that white shirt. He purposely rolled in mud.

Honestly, what coach lets the boys throw mud at each other after practice? Oh right, my husband- his dad- is the coach.

Just so you know, the picture doesn't do those muddy black socks justice...they were muuuudy.


Carmom said...

Oh, How fun is that. For the boys I mean not you who has to do the laundry. I'm surprised they were allowed in the truck.

RLR said...

I hope you have the best washing machine ever!

My kids would have enjoyed that, too - especially if it was Dad-approved!

Mimi said...

Ooh, I remember the days of them coming home full of mud!!

cbogie said...

As a mom, I noticed how his sweet dirty body did NOT leave that area rug!