Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Week

This week~

Jonathan is going to Cub Scout Day Camp. He loves it. Yesterday he held a real snake (yikes). Today he gets to shoot a BB Gun. He's also made crafts, sang songs, ridden in a horse drawn wagon, and shot a bow and arrow.

David and Thomas are going to Vacation Bible School at a local church. The theme is Space. They have come home sharing Bible stories. Their favorite part is doing the wood crafts. They have hammered together a tool box and a chalk board.

Elisabeth and Momma have gone shopping and to the gym. Elisabeth loves the one-on-one time with Momma. She also fell in love with some pink sunglasses at Wal-mart.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome week. I love how each of your kids is doing something they love. And I'm particularly partial to the pink sunglasses!

Theresa said...

I am here from the Blog Hop. I am glad that you and your husband enjoyed the Dad's Life video!

I love blogs about family life. It's so nice to so other families really enjoy their children.