Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teeth and Boogers

David has 4 loose teeth right now. Two of the are very loose. He does not want to wiggle them. He does not want them pulled. He would rather let them fall out on their own.

In fact, he lost his first tooth without knowing it, while eating popcorn. He swallowed it. Ironically, his second tooth was also lost eating popcorn. He was eating his popcorn and then his tooth fell out on his hand. Now he doesn't want to eat popcorn anymore.

Letting his teeth fall out on their own means less blood (and little pain), which is what David is all about.

The other day we were trying to convince him to let us wiggle his teeth. He gave us an emphatic "No." He said he just wanted to wait for them to fall out. We tried to convince him otherwise by explaining he might swallow them but we couldn't persuade him.

Out of nowhere, he said,

"I wish my nose would fall off. Then, I wouldn't have any more boogers!"

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. It was such a funny moment.

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Ellen said...

I sure needed a laugh after spending three hours watering flower baskets tonight! If we could only figure out how to implement the GREAT ideas our kids come up with!