Wednesday, September 22, 2010

His First School Fight

I jokingly asked Thomas if he got in trouble today. And, he said, "I almost did."

Surprised, I asked him to tell me more.

He said that he was fighting with another boy and then his teacher told him to stop.

I asked, "Were you play fighting or were you fighting because you were mad."

He said, "I wasn't playing. I was fighting."

Apparently, the other boy hit Thomas first. So, Thomas elbowed him back. Then, the boy hit him. So, naturally, Thomas hit him again. And, then Thomas poked the kid in the back of the neck. The kicker is, I am not sure if the poking happened before or after his teacher told him to stop.

A couple of side notes: I feel sort of guilty for saying, "His first school fight," as if I am expecting more. I also think I should feel guilty for joking about him getting in trouble. Although, if I hadn't, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to talk to him about hitting at school.

Lastly, this boy has my heart. He is the toughest, tender-hearted kid I know.

Oh, and that other boy told on him. Can you believe it?


Seth said...

To answer the last question- yes, I can believe that the other boy would tell on him. When you poke a bee's nest, you do whatever it takes to get away and make the stinging stop. I'm afraid this poor boy poked the bee's nest and had to tell the teacher to make the stinging stop.

And- crap. That didn't take very long.

RLR said...

J got in trouble a couple of times last year for the same type of thing. What started as silliness (poking from another kid) quickly escalated to pushing another child to the ground. Yes, I was mortified! I've come to learn that it's kind of the nature of boys. We are having similar problems from another kids in J's class this year - but thankfully he's not responding "in kind" (yet...).