Friday, September 17, 2010

Treasuring Every Minute

Elisabeth is slowly adjusting to her brothers all being in school. It is the cutest thing ever.

She brought her lunch box with her when we went to pick up her brother from the first day of Kindergarten. She's brought it with her most days. Sometimes I put a small snack in it, which really makes her smile.

On the second morning, she insisted on bringing "my backpack" and she really wanted to go to the lineup time before school. She really, really wanted to line up next to her brother.

When the kids went in to the school, she said, "I go to class! I'm a big girl."

The lunch box and backpack have joined us in the car for dropoff and pickup each day. This morning she wanted her lunch box. I told her I didn't have a lunch ready for her so she happily put her blanket and stuffed dog ("Baba" and "Doggie) in her backpack.

Thank goodness MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) starts this morning. Although, she's pulling on me right now saying "It's time to go!!" and we have 30 more minutes until it starts.

I'm treasuring every minute of this sweet girl.


sharon said...

I think this might be one my favorite posts ever. It is just too sweet how much she wants to be ready to go to school with her big brothers! My kids were asking when we can come and visit you. I hope we will get a chance before you all move!

Salty Mom said...

Super cute. Bianca still talks about Elisabeth all the time.

Mimi said...

She is so beautiful. What a great post!

Hugs & love,

leigh ann said...

Could she look any more like you? I could eat her on a biscuit! (Do they say that in the Northwest?) You're doing such a great job, Mama!

Carmom said...

We've been there with our Elizabeth too. I am so glad we have MOPS and our MDO programs for her to attend. She looks so cute with her backpack and lunch box.