Monday, September 13, 2010

Thomas's First Day of School

Today was Thomas's First Day of Kindergarten.

He was very excited to go to school with his brothers.

Here are the boys before school. Can you tell how excited Thomas was?

Here's a group picture of the kids before school:

An excited Kindergartener:

This picture shows just how ready for school he was:

You see, he did not want to wait for Momma. He did not want to go to his classroom before lineup time outside. He wanted to go with his brothers. In fact, I snapped this picture after David yelled, "Momma, he's still coming with me." At that moment- or right before I took the picture- I decided to let him go. Better to be happy starting Kindergarten than sad! I met up with him on the playground and we got his stuff settled in his room after the lineup time outside.

Thomas's First Day Thoughts:

What did you do today?

"Momma, I'll tell you what I did. I made a raccoon and now it's hanging up."

"We looked around the school for hands with hearts. Some were on walls. Some people had them on their hands."

"We listened to the kissing hand story and 2 raccoon books."

What was your favorite part of the day?

"My favorite part of my day was... when she (his teacher) had paper animals that made letters and animal puppets."

Was there anything you didn't like?

"Ya, there was one girl that was grumpy. She had a grumpy face the whole entire time."

Tell me something you learned:

"Don't eat the blue stuff on the walls. It looks like gum but isn't gum."

(That's right, he's talking about blue sticky tack. I'm so glad he learned it isn't gum!)

Some Random Thomas comments:

"Did you know we have 9 girls and only 7 boys? There are a lot of girls."

"Two people fell at recess- only 1 was crying really hard. Well, I fell but I only got dirty."

"If you disobey the school rules, they don't do anything. The teachers just tell you to stop. I didn't do it. I just saw someone else."

(Oh boy...)


sharon said...

I LOVE this. What a great idea to interview them. I never thought to tell the kids that the blue stuff isn't gum. Smart teacher! And, too funny about the rules. A sad, but often true fact of school life, I guess, unless you break a really big rule. I absolutely loved the "What a difference a year makes" on your other blog. Called the whole family over to come look. That was the true "a picture (or two) is worth a thousand words". Love you all!

Seth said...

I think maybe since he's spent so much time at the school over the last three years he feels completely comfortable there. I love seeing his excitement! And thanks for interviewing him.

Honey said...

what a great way to start school...precious!