Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Interrupting Thomas

We were having quite a rough dinner. The menu was complete with some complaining, crying, and screaming kids.

Daddy and Momma were at their wits end when this quick exhange made us laugh.

David was trying to talk to Momma and Daddy but Thomas kept crying (throwing a fit about not getting what he wanted).

David: (at the top of his voice) "Thomas is INTERRRUPTING!

Thomas: (gives David his angry face) "Me NOT rupting!!! Me Thomas!"


Kimberly said...

I feel as though I've read this story recently but Thomas was frustrated. Am I losing my mind? - Don't let Seth answer that - I already know what his answer will be!

Jane Anne said...

Hee, hee... Seth wrote the story the first time and then I had to remind him how it really played out. Naturally, I had to revise the story, correct it and add lots of details.