Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Logical End and Object Lessons

Jonathan has an amazing mind and I love how it works. He is a very logical thinker; in his mind he takes things to their logical end. He was talking to David about God. He said, "God is in my heart. God is in my skin. I am God." David argued that God is in his heart, but God is God, not Jonathan. It sounded like a debate that would happen on a college campus between a Christian and a modern religion major, and just about as well-formed. I took Jonathan aside and grabbed a glass from the cabinet in the kitchen. The conversation went like this...

Daddy: "Jonathan, what is this?"
Jonathan: "A cup."
Daddy: fills the cup with water. "Now what is it?"
Jonathan: "A cup with water in it."
Daddy: "Are you sure its not just all water now?"
Jonathan: "No. Its a cup."
Daddy: Pours water out "Now?"
Jonathan: "just a cup"

I explained that the cup is like him and the water is like God. You are made to have God in you, but you are still you with or without Him; but you aren't very useful if you don't have God in you (like an empty cup).

Moments like that I LOVE being a daddy.


Emily Anne said...

I love this! What smart kids and way to go Dad! :O) I was always impressed by Jonathan in the Kindergarten class. You can tell he is a thinker. Your kids are going to do well in life.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dad! duck tape rules!