Monday, October 29, 2007

Quote of the Day

Every day Seth is getting more and more nervous about Elisabeth's arrival. I think (but he would have to confirm this) that a lot has to do with being in a new town without the awesome friend support network we had in Washington. I also think his nerves will calm down once my parents arrive. In the meantime, he is driving himself crazy and I am getting a lot of extra ("how are you feeling") attention.

Seth quote of the Day:
"I am sooo nervous. What's wrong with me?? I have been in a WAR!"


Kimberly said...

Sad but quite funny. If he doesn't calm down he's going to send you into early labor!!!

Anonymous said...

HAH!! That's a GREAT quote!!!


Emily Anne said...

I love the quote! Classic. Hope you are doing well Jane Anne. Can't wait to hear when little Miss Elisabeth arrives. :O) ~Shirley