Thursday, February 21, 2008

Daddy's Safe

Tonight at Dinner David and I had this short conversation. It was out of nowhere, priceless, and a reminder that I am thankful for what Seth calls "the simple life".

[David] "Momma, Daddy's not in Iraq anymore."
[Momma] "No David, he isn't."
[David] "And the bad guys in Iraq don't know where Daddy works now."


Jessica said...

Oh my, thanks for giving me a lump in my throat this morning! Tell Seth "thanks" for the sacrifice he made (and you all made) for our family to be safe. I too am glad the "bad guys" don't know where David's Daddy works.

Kimberly said...

Hey what happened to Friday Photos? I look forward to Friday everyweek to get glimpses of your kiddos! I need my Owen kids fix!

seth said...

eeek. there were plenty of Friday Foto's but Seth corrupted the disk somehow and all of the pictures were lost. Sore subject right now.