Thursday, February 07, 2008

No More Bath Toys Left in the Tub

I have this bad habit of not always getting the bath toys out of the tub after the boys take a bath. This won't be happening again. The other night we were about to head to bed and Seth heard someone up. He looked upstairs and the bathroom light and the boys bedroom light was on. He ran up there expecting to find Thomas awake. In the past, Thomas had gotten up and turned on the bedroom light when he couldn't sleep. Seth found David and Thomas sleeping soundly. He found Jonathan tossing and turning on his bed. He asked Jonathan if he was okay. Jonathan mumbled a bunch on incoherent words with his eyes closed. Seth tucked him and and turned off both lights. The next night as I am in the boys bathroom getting ready to make sure their teeth are brushed, I notice the tub is not clean. It is clear beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt that someone peed in the tub. The evidence is clear across the tub, kind of all over that side, and on almost in a straight line from the nearest side of the tub. When asked about it, Jonathan got this embarrassed smile and said, "Maybe I sleep-walked?"


Kimberly said...

Way too funny!!! At times like these I gotta say I'm really glad for girls!

Emily Anne said...

Oh my goodness! Jonathan is quite the little sleep walker. My sister used to sleep walk when she had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. She did some pretty funny stuff!!
I love love love the pictures of the kids and especially Elisabeth's pink and brown dress! So cute.
Hope you are doing well and everyone else in the house doesn't get sick. ~Shirley